Chief Accountant & Co-Founder - Job Description


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Who we are

We're an accounting firm start-up with big ambitions. 

We're sure that small businesses aren't currently getting the support in the finance & accounting side of their business that they need to grow and succeed, and we want to change that.

Although we're based in Milpark, Johannesburg, we work solely with UK limited companies.

Using the right mix of good processes, cutting-edge technology and excellent customer service, we believe we have a unique service offering for small businesses.

We're currently at the early stages: 12 months into operations, with a team of 5, soon to be 7, and around 65 clients. We're learning rapidly about our clients and the market. We can see from our experience to date that we've got an offering that is both appealing to clients and commercially viable.


Who we are looking for

We are looking for a co-founder to work very closely with the Managing Director/Founder to grow the company to its full potential.

You'd be responsible for the operations of the company:

  • Leading the team of bookkeepers & accountants
  • Developing all the processes of how we work with our clients
  • Implementing a number of technologies to make the operations efficient, robust and scalable
  • Working with our clients where necessary, until we're at a scale where this is no longer possible.
  • Perfecting our service offering, allowing us to provide great service whilst growing rapidly.

As we only work with UK clients, we need someone who has worked as an accountant in the UK. We know that you may not be an expert on UK small company issues and that's fine - we're happy to put you through the relevant training.

Being a start-up, you'll need to be resilient, flexible and have huge amounts of energy and motivation.


What’s in it for me?

You'll help to shape the future of Nimble Accounting, to grow it into a substantial and profitable business.

Whilst the initial salary level won't be as high as you can earn elsewhere, this will go up in time as we grow the business together.  More importantly, you'll be the co-founder of the business with a significant equity stake.


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