Business Development Consultant- Job Description


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Who are we?

Nimble Accounting Ltd are a small, young, dynamic and ambitious accounting and bookkeeping company based in Milpark, Johannesburg.

We work with small UK companies with somewhere between 1 and 5 employees, but we service our clients from Johannesburg, working with online systems.

We work on QuickBooks Online and other cloud-based systems to deliver much more to our clients than a typical Accounting firm.

We pride ourselves on becoming a partner to the business owners; we proactively support their growth and profitability.

More than anything else, we believe in exceptional client service.

We currently have a handful of different marketing approaches that are generating a consistent level of sales. However, we want to increase our growth rate, and therefore increase both the number of leads and the number of sales that we convert from those leads.

This position would be the first and only business development person in the company; up to now, sales and marketing has been done by the Director. However, we’re now ready to grow at a much faster rate, and need someone who can help us do that.

The majority of this role is sales-focussed (around 75%), with the remaming part being marketing-focussed, so would suit someone with a background in sales who wants to get more experience in the marketing side.

Currently we’re bringing on between 6 and 10 clients a month. We’re looking for you to increase this to 15 new clients per month.



Given what we do (i.e. help UK business owners grow their companies in a tax efficient way), we need you to be very well versed on UK taxes, so that you can discuss this with the leads on the sales calls. We know that you won’t know this currently; we’ll go through all of this with you and train you up; we need someone who has a head for figures that would be able to learn this information with our training.

You’ll already be in a sales role, with proven success at selling services by phone.

You’ll be early / mid – career, with at least 2 years sales experience.

You’ll have the following character traits:

  • Persistence and an ability to deal with rejection.

  • A confident, well-spoken individual who’s good at listening.

  • To be passionate about sales, and want to learn, develop and improve themselves.

  • Competitive and driven.

What’s in it for YOU?

  • To be a part of a growing company, shaping our sales and marketing and being instrumental to our success.

  • You’ll be able to experiment with different approaches, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

  • You’ll work in a young, dynamic business that’s always changing and improving.

  • Your remuneration will be a basic salary, plus commission on sales.




  • To provide a consultative sales approach, giving advice to the business owner on tax efficiency, which we’ll train you fully on.

  • To deal with all sales calls, following up on prior calls and being persistent on leads you can’t get hold of, to ensure no leads are wasted.

  • To be able to screen clients during the call, to identify clients that wouldn’t be a good fit for our operations, then let the lead know.

  • To identify technical areas in the call that you are not equipped to deal with, then involving a technical colleague to assist.

  • To experiment with different sales approaches, documenting and generating data on what works and what doesn’t, to continuously improve our sales approach.

  • To develop and improve our documentation of the sales process, including a sales script, objection management document, email templates.

  • To keep our CRM system up to date, capturing the data we need to monitor, learn and improve.

  • To read and learn about sales, to improve themselves and Nimble.



  • To design, implement and run all marketing approaches, to generate a consistent and reliable number of good leads per month.

  • To continuously adapt and experiment with our marketing approaches so that we can improve over time.

  • To come up with new marketing approaches, trialling and innovating on these.

  • To read and learn more about marketing, to improve themselves and Nimble.


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