We have 3 packages:

Basic: We don't need you to send us your purchase invoices, and we process your transactions directly from what's going in and out of your bank. This is £75 + VAT per month.

Standard: You send your invoices on AutoEntry. We then do all your bookkeeping and management accounts on a quarterly basis. This is £90 + VAT per month.

Premium: As in 'Standard' but we do the bookkeeping monthly. This is £130 + VAT per month.


We don't charge additional amounts per hour but we do charge fixed monthly amounts (add-on prices) depending on your specific needs, as shown below.


Add-on prices

On top of the base price, we charge:

  • £15 per month if you're VAT registered
  • £4 per month of each additional self-assessment for Directors or Shareholders (the first is already included)
  • £3.50 per month for each non-director staff on payroll

(all prices are exclusive of VAT)



So, if you want the standard package, are a VAT-registered company and want us to do the self-assessments for the 2 directors, the price will be:

Base + VAT registered + 1 additional self-assessment = £85 + £15 + £4 = £104 + VAT